Take A Dive at the Blue Waters of Quezon, Bukidnon.

Are you a fan of cave expeditions? Love the river cave scenes from the movies such as Sanctum, 127 Hours, Descent, and A Perfect Getaway? If yes, then the Blue Water Cave of Quezon, Bukidnon is calling your wanderlustfull soul!

But unlike the movies, you won’t get shot at by some psycho couple, you won’t get your hand trapped by a boulder or you won’t get hunted down by some cave dwelling humanoids. Just a one good escapade where you can be as one with nature!

Its blue flowing water will surely take your blues away. You can also take a dive to its natural pool, just outside the cave. The place is perfect for your Instagram photos or you may re-enact the aforementioned movies here. A huge white rock cliff can also be found in the area where rock-wall climbing enthusiasts can pamper themselves. 

The Blue Water Cave is located in Baranggay San Jose, just less than half an hour trek from the Davao-Buda National Highway. But first, you may need to contact Kiokong Eco-Tourism (088-355-1445 / 088-355-1323), a few days before your planned trip. This non-profit organization is in-charge of the rehabilitation and the tourist activity in this area. 

Other reminders might be just like what we always tell our avid readers, pack all the essentials you may need (esp. food, water, cash, trekking/swimming gears), take a lot of pictures, don’t liter up and for heaven’s sake, please don’t start a fire!

So, you better start packing for your next adventure. See you there!

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